Working with local youth groups - 0 comments
After a combination of successful matches, quiz nights and sales of merchandise the KSA has been delighted to be able to carry on the support of local youth groups and help young people get afloat, particularly on traditional vessels. Last year we were able to help the Faversham Sea Scouts have a day aboard the barge Greta, and a hot August day could only offer the best conditions for young scouts finding their sea legs.
We have also been able to contribute towards the costs of getting some Faversham Sea Cadets afloat on the Maritime Trust vessels and one of their number had a trip at the end of the year.
We intend to continue this support in 2017 and we are, of course, grateful to our members, our sponsors and advertisers, the participants who come each year to the Swale and the committee members who organise all the events and who make all this financial support possible.
Thanks also to the 8th Faversham Sea Scout Troop for their very charming letter of appreciation to the KSA enclosing a fine collection of photos, one of which is posted here.

Faversham Sea Scouts learn the ropes on Greta in August 2016.
The November Quiz & the 2017 KSA Calendar - 0 comments

What has now become an annual event, the KSA November Quiz, will take place at the Anchor at the bottom of Abbey Street on Thursday 17th November. There will be an auction after the quiz with the usual superb items being auctioned by the one and only 'Farmer' Guy.
Your support would be appreciated. All proceeds go to help local youth groups connected with the water.
And you'll be able to purchase copies of the beautiful new 2017 KSA Calendar, available for only £8.00. All your favourite ships, dogs and other animals in full colour.
KSA donate £1,000 to the Sea Cadets - 0 comments

Lena Reekie, the longest serving of our committee members, presented the Faversham Sea Cadets with a cheque for £1,000 on Tuesday 8th March. This represents money raised by the KSA over recent years which is intended for young people in order to help them get afloat and attain some competence in handling craft. The money will go towards the costs of sending young cadets to sea on one of the Maritime Trust and Sea Cadet vessels later in the year. They go to sea for a week and experience every aspect of crewing and of life onboard.
Funds have also been set aside for the Faversham Sea Scouts and this is to be presented to them shortly.